Using your feelings to create inner freedom and joy!

With meditation all the buzz these days and various self-help, yoga and wellness programs being offered in the mainstream, it is never too late to figure out what inner-wellness means for you.

light from within

What is inner-wellness you may ask?

For me, it is learning to go within and make peace with who you are, what you are creating and how you may or may not want to choose to do things differently. In essence, it is power and freedom.

For many, when they quiet their lives and their mind and decide to go within and discover what is there, they notice they have a very chatty inner voice. Often they get discouraged right at this point and decide that meditation isn’t for them. Deciding that peace lies somewhere else, other than within themselves.

What I would like to teach you, is that your mind is not a volatile place, it just needs some self-direction, as it has been on the loose, so to speak, with no one managing the command center or control panel.

Becoming conscious means understanding that you have control over your mind and you are at the command center.

The easiest way to gain control of that inner mind chatter, which is most often taking you somewhere other than the moment, is to use the power of your feelings to direct your thoughts.

I call these feeling-tones, or broad strokes of energy. Some healing practices would suggest that you do an internal audit of your thoughts to find out what you are thinking and why? Or to help your broken mind.

What I have found to be a more powerful and useful technique is to use feeling-tones to change your thoughts to move them in whatever direction you like. Even quiet them peacefully. The more joy you feel the more positive thoughts you bring into your mind, and subsequently the more positive experiences you bring into your life.

When you do things that place a good, happy feeling-tone within the center of your being, your mind shifts in the direction of the feeling.

You can talk yourself internally into the direction of positive emotions by focusing on something that brings you great joy or something you want.

I often begin with an inner feeling of joy as I look at my children playing, this radiates within me and I am able to be quiet within and the feelings of joy rise. Or I focus on activities that bring me great joy, like surfing in the ocean and the water spraying on my face.

When you do things that make you feel good, and when you focus on it, the feeling becomes bigger and you feel more expansive rather than constricted.

Since we are creating the world around us based on what we think and believe about our lives. We can become more powerful creators of what we want by using our feelings to impact our thoughts and create joyful experiences we may not have even dreamed of.

Once you gain awareness of where your feelings dwell and you choose the feelings you want to create on a more regular basis, your life will naturally become a reflection of inner-wellness. And the inner chatter will also be at your command.


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