The Naked 9 – Raise your vibration in 9 minutes of healing!

Get naked to your higher self in 9 minutes flat! 

Today, I couldn’t help but share with you a personal meditation I created with a small group of close friends that inspired me to develop a series called the Naked 9.


The Angel meaning of the number nine means to take action toward your dreams or purpose. Some of you are well down your life path and are established in your careers, others of you are still seeking. The thing is, our higher self is constantly calling us to get deeper and to let our divine creative purpose to flow through. There is no end to this process. The older we get the more opportunity we have to reconnect to our God source to receive greater inspiration that seeks expression in the 3-d world.

We are all here to share the beauty of our own unique skills and talents, abilities and gifts. There isn’t a single soul that falls outside of this reality. We are all here for a reason, when you are making the most of that reason then you feel great light, joy, and abundance.

When we get naked, when you allow yourself to be stripped of the false ideas and judgments of who we are and your limitations then we can be unstoppable beings of consciousness and light, delivering to the world the inspiration it needs to be more light.

Please press play below and enjoy!


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