Free Meditation! When jumping off a cliff is worth it ….

The good thing is that no actual jumping is involved! Just a metaphor, friends.


My point is so many of us are stuck,  entrenched in a spot of no movement because we don’t realize we are already healed. We already have the tools to live our best life, but we forgot. And we stay in the same place year after year.

We’ve been sitting in place a while gathering dense energy and it’s now time to move. It’s going to feel like jumping off a cliff. But the ground is beneath your feet. And the loving hands of the universe are here to help you.

It’s time to start following the star that is your very best most phenomenal version of you at your happiest.

Come join me in this 11 min meditation as we voyage through the dark night following your star that leads you to your happiest, richest, most meaningful life.

Press play below to get new clarity.


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