What if I told you have been stuck in the matrix … Would you want to wake up?


It’s real guys! There is a version of the matrix that has a hold on us. It is the energy that exists on the planet that tells you, you aren’t powerful or that you aren’t creating your own reality, or that your freewill isn’t that powerful.  And then when you begin to question it. This force or energy (the matrix) tells you:

“How could you question me? Just look around you, there is proof everywhere that all of these things in life and your world are happening to you and are permanent and nothing exists except what is before your eyes. The world is solid and you are stuck in your circumstances. We are all stuck in circumstances. You must accept it.”

But my friends, that is the matrix talking.  And in fact it is total bull shit!

That is the unconsciousness that seeks to exist for the sake of existing. All that is, seeks to exist in our universe. No matter what it is.

If you want to get your mind blown, then I want to teach you the truth about reality. You lack nothing in your life. You only believed you did so a whole entire life of lack showed up. You are that powerful. You create your own reality. You are creating it with your beliefs and perceptions and judgements. As you believe it, it happens.

I invite you to listen to this teaching today, so that you can harness you great power, your magnitude and absolute power to get out of the unconsciousness and begin to truly live.

You are that powerful! Who is with me? Who wants to fricking live, so we can be the infinite beings we are and stop living a lie. You are not small.

You are powerful beyond measure … Get the tools to wake up.

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