Sometimes you have to let yourself out of your own prison. Learn how to find the key!

This can be such a tough pill to swallow. How could we lock ourselves up in our own prison? Why would we do that to ourselves? It doesn’t seem possible. We often can only see outside circumstances and people holding us back. We blame a condition.

This, though, is simply not accurate. No one and no thing has the power to hold us back.

Like so many things that are real — the answer is simple. Our problem is receiving and it keeps us behind energetic prison bars.  When we own our power … (Make sure you read the blog on the matrix to get a real clear understanding of how we create our own reality based on our beliefs.)  Then what we create is based on the degree of goodness, abundance and light we can and are willing to allow and receive

So to expand your life, the question you must ask yourself is what am I willing to receive? Are you willing to receive the beauty, strength and magnitude of you?

When you make the decision to become conscious of your power to create then you must take responsibility to not only understand your beliefs and the energy they hold. But also receive the new love and light that wants to come in. That is constantly seeking a way in.

Consciousness is always working to perpetuate its way into your life. Expansion is our natural state, everything that exists seeks to expand.

So in order to release yourself from your prison, where ever you feel stuck and trapped in a situation, rather than just blindly doing something. Ask yourself, what am I willing to receive in this situation?

Let me give you some examples –

If you are stuck in a job, ask yourself what are you willing to receive that will blow your mind with happiness?

If you want a new lover, ask yourself what type of person/relationship are you willing to receive to create the most love, beauty and light?

If your finances aren’t what you think they should be, or are not meeting your needs, ask yourself how great of a financial situation are you willing to receive to create love, expansion, peace and luxury in your life.

Tool – Let God/Universe know what you are willing to receive before you do anything or want for anything.

State: “I am willing to receive the highest good in this situation for everyone. I am willing to receive an outcome so abundant and so light, more astounding and magnificent than I could ever have dreamed of.”

That statement is the key to unlock your prison.

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