FREE Activation: You are willing to bust ass, but are you willing to receive?

Your Grandpa and your parents taught you to work hard and you will succeed. Sadly, they missed the other part of the equation. You must learn to receive that what you continually seek and bust ass for.









If there is one thing I have noticed is that most people have challenges  receiving. There is a thought that one must seek, and get, and work so hard, but when it comes to having and receiving that which they seek, there energy closes. “Having” is too much too handle because the seeking has gone on so long. It actually becomes a habit.

There are other challenges besides just wanting something so long that you get addicted to the wanting, there is also the fear of actually having it. If you have what you want it might be painful. What will you replace with the wanting? What if you don’t like what you have busted your ass for?

So I ask you today, what are you willing to receive? And what old patterns are you willing to shake up?

When you are able to open your heart today to receive now, you no longer need to catastrophize what could go wrong in the future. Even though there is want in your life now, and there are “things” missing, those things don’t need to happen somewhere down the road. They can happen now.

Below is a meditation and energy healing to help you receive right now, that which you heart so deeply desires.

It might be completely possible to just open up to the truth about yourself and who you are now, and receive it, to activate all of your greatest desires, today. After all, you probably have already busted your ass and want better results than what they have provided.

The secret ingredient may be learning to be open to receive.

Get the healing now to activate receiving!


Private message me to talk to me about how you can begin receiving in your life … Swing the scales to having instead of wanting and fearing your future!


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