Get free and get happy! Bust out of your prison reality … FREE Meditation

Hi, Friends –

I’m really excited to discuss this topic. Since so many of us are so enslaved and locked in painful realities. Many of us have even forgotten who we are. We have no idea who we are anymore!

Unless we are freely creating our universe as we like it to be, unless we have unlimited access to money, love, wealth, health and abundance, we are inadvertently locked in our own prison. We locked ourselves there.

How did we lock ourselves in a prison?

We bought into a set of beliefs and a set of feelings that were not our own, so they never felt right. They never got us where we needed to go. They never gave us the results we were looking for. What we have forgotten is that we create material reality with our thoughts and beliefs. We hold the keys.

If we aren’t using our power to consciously create, we are being tossed around in a sea of unconsciously taking on other people’s beliefs and emotions. This is what causes people many painful situations that feel beyond our control.

We need to stop this! It is time to own our own power to create our reality. Using our imaginations and listening to our hearts we can begin to change the way our world looks, feels and operates. We can unplug from the matrix and be free!!

I have created this free recording for you to help you get free! To help you begin your consciousness revolution.

Time to break free my friends! I hope this helps you.

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