Are you tired of feeling like you don’t have enough? Receiving may be the issue …

It may seem like you are surrounded by lack and scarcity in your life.  Do you ever feel like you never have enough of these …?

    1. Money
    2. Support
    3. Love
    4. Energy
    5. Time

Maybe you feel like you are trying everything to improve your lack in a financial situation, or relationship situation, or you are overrun by feelings of lacking enough time and energy?

And you feel clueless as to how to get your needs met and change the situation.

When you are suffering from any issues of lack. You may not have a lack problem at all. What you may be experiencing is a problem receiving.

The universe is constantly trying to bring us infinite supply. We see this in nature. The countless blades of grass, leaves on trees, the volume of water in the ocean, the enormity of species on our planet. The diversity of people.

If in our own lives we are not experiencing this same type of abundance through: deep intimacy, deep connections, magnificent wealth and abundance, support and care, then there are parts of us that may be unwilling to receive it.

You may wonder how this could be possible?

The reality is that if you were given love by your parents, or gifts or affection with strings attached, then you might feel that you can’t trust what people want to give you. What life wants to give you. The abundance and love feels heavy or scary.

And the illusion sets in –

  1. It is not safe to receive without getting emotionally blackmailed
  2. There are too many strings attached when someone wants to give to me
  3. The universe is not a loving place and there is no support and supply for me

When the universe tries to love us through supportive people, unexpected gifts, money and wealth, someone’s time or affection we may not be able to receive it or allow it.

Through our unconscious energy we repel the love, i.e. – the abundance.

My call to you today is to be very open to asking yourself, are you able to receive? Are you willing to receive and how much?  Because the love and abundance that we have access to is limitless.

Begin by repeating this mantra:

“I am receiving the infinite love of all creation, my walls are softening, my heart is opening, the abundance of the universe is mine. Despite my fear, I choose to receive bravely.”

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