Who are you? This question can take your life to a whole new level …

You see, life is not what you think it is. It is not you, this little person in this enormous sea of people just surviving, working, playing, relating, working, etc … Trying to carve out your space and make your mark.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. The reality is that you are the universe. You are the control center, projecting your inner-reality onto the canvas of life. It’s your movie, painting, story …

Your head, your brain, your ego actually knows very little. It would tell you that you must control, that you are small and life is dangerous. That you must protect yourself and that you must be practical. It is good at taking commands but actually can not know truth.

Who knows the truth then? Who is thinking the thoughts? Who is seeing through your eyes?

That is the actual you.

Please understand that you are the entire universe with an identity called <fill in your name>. You are a divine creation, you are divinity wedged into the dense energy of a person. And the life you see about you is a holograph of your subconscious and unconscious beliefs.

The universe is constantly calling you to see what is real, to wake you up and find out the love you are. When you are able to do this then you can express the real you in the world and do and be the joy your life is meant to be.

Then you take the seat at the control panel and direct your own life. Because, believe me, if you are not directing your energy and discovering who you are … You are not owning your life. Your life is being owned.

It is owned by the collective conscious, your own subconscious, and others who are more conscious than you.

Wake up today! Begin with asking who you are … And be open to new love and joy.


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