Healing Meditation: Two statements to stop oppression, today … Listen to the recording!

There are two statements that I have come across that can help you get happier, help you get freer, help you to transform your life in the present moment.

These statements are:

  1. Thank you
  2. I love you

If you could only see what happens energetically when you say these statements, you would say them over and over, and over … Until you felt the empowerment and expansion of all aspects of your life.

This is what I am inviting you to, today. These are the cleaning/clearing statements used in a technique that my clients and I are having a great amount of success using.

This technique is called, Ho’oponopono. It was a practice received by ancient Hawaiians, although it’s origin is not from there. The origin of the teachings are largely unknown. But the power behind their healing practices are quite miraculous.

You see, what we call miracles are the everyday norm when we allow the universe to guide us and lead us without ego. Ego seeks complicated solutions, logical answers, things seen and not unseen, actions without congruent energy. All of which keep us stuck. Steeped in limitation.

The alternative to ego is surrender to the higher part of yourself: the universe, source, God, your higher power, etc. (whatever words are most comfortable)

When we take TOTAL responsibility for our lives then we can get past our ego and give permission for the Universe to show us how infinite we are. How abundant we can be, and how full and peaceful we can live our lives.

We give permission when we say – Thank you and I love you.

Take advantage of this healing meditation to receive new levels of freedom, you deserve it!!

Please leave comments and let me know how it worked for you and how you are doing on your journey …



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