Is it possible to have faith as a conscious being? What do we have faith in when we discover we are God/Goddess?

When we discover that the universe is actually within us, it can be confusing when we begin to navigate who we are. And what we are within.

I have a powerful teaching here that will help you put context around faith and what it means to have faith in something more than you can currently wrap your head around.  Our ego and subconscious can only see so far. And in my own life, the part that was really missing in my current journey to consciousness was faith.

Before I became awakened, and conscious that I am creating my reality, I used to associate with various religions over the years. In the recording below I share the personal story of my journey from religious faith to personal, awakened spirituality and what that transition looked like to me.

I want you to know that having faith in something higher than you can wrap your brain around is possible and necessary to live our highest version of truth.

We can have faith in the higher-self within, the soul self, or God self to help us navigate the way.

Faith can and does go hand-and-hand in the journey to consciousness.

I do an energy healing to help you connect you to your faith, right after the teaching! Enjoy the healing …

Love and blessings!!

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