Self-love and oven mitts: What we can learn from them.

It may sound like an odd parallel. But honestly, ever since I moved to my ideal place to live on this earth – the beach. I began to care about wearing oven mittts … Why? All I can chock-it-up-to is because I am loving myself more and I don’t want to run the risk of getting burned.

Before I moved to Florida I didn’t even own an oven mitt. I thought I could get by without them. What’s my point? I am trying to be humorous about an important point, and that is self-love.

I realize that sometimes I have not cared enough about myself. My physical and emotional safety. Maybe you can relate? It is important to take care of our inner and outer worlds to the absolute extreme.

When we are not putting our own emotional and physical safety first we are literally playing with fire.

We are not here on this earth to just get by, and slug along with our list of to-dos, and unconscious activities. To hang out with people we don’t like, because we think we must, or live in a part of the world we think we must, because we have no other options.

We are here to enjoy life and care for ourselves enough to live a life that may fall outside of the social programming we have become so used to. It isn’t normal to just live for money at the expense of a life purpose, or tolerate a lifestyle that we don’t find rewarding.

I highly encourage you today to look at the ways you may also be playing with fire and not using your oven mitts. This life is about self-love and self-care. To the highest extent that we can accomplish this, is the extent that we will create a life truly worth living.



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