How does my faith fit into consciousness?

Many of you know that when I speak of consciousness I am referring to the law of the universe called free will. We are powerful creators and we literally create our own reality with our own free will. In this way, we are never victims unless we choose to be.

This may seem unbelievable to some of you. Certainly, most of us were raised from a faith perspective that taught us that God gave us life and takes it away. And that we are at the mercy of God to support our existence. That we pale in comparison.

This God we are taught to know, love and often fear in some religions, is us. We are God. What do I mean by this? We are the substance of the universe itself. Our soul is one soul and our energy is part of the one great energy. The great I am consciousness. God is love and we are love.

We are the God we seek. It is the highest part of our self and when we pray we lift our thoughts and will to let the highest God part of our self and our soul direct us and guide us.

Miracles are real, prayer works and God is closer than you could have ever imagined. It is you and as you get in touch with the divinity you are and your own power to create you will learn that there is nothing you can’t have or be that is for your highest good.

When we are ready to accept our faith journey as conscious beings then we learn to have faith in our power to create our own reality with our thoughts and beliefs that are connected to the greatest amount of good.

We were never lowly or small. We are and always were the greatest amount of love.


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