How to live a life you are truly aspiring for! by Erin Eisele

If you are anything like me you have trouble trusting that all the answers to life’s biggest questions lie within you. Whenever I have a decision to make or my life is at a crossroads I always look outside of myself to get the guidance I am seeking.

Why would I believe that someone or something else knows my truth better than I would? Perhaps I doubt my decision-making skills because I have made a string of bad choices in the past. Perhaps those decisions did not net the outcome I was anticipating. Or maybe I’ve been told too many times by too many influential people in my life the correct path to take.  Maybe I became dependent on others opinions and advice and in doing so I learned not to trust my own inner voice. That my own higher-self was not capable of making good decisions that resulted in favorable outcomes.

What I am learning to do as an evolving spiritual being is to rely on myself for guidance. I am learning to trust. Trust the universe, trust my heart and trust divine timing. This led to an even bigger understanding. Looking outside of myself for answers and inspiration meant I was no longer creating my own visions and desires. It meant I was not creating my own reality, it was someone else’s. It was taking the power away from me and giving it to someone or something else. This resulted in living out someone else’s life vision for me instead of my own. Trusting ourselves for answers and guidance means taking our power back. It means we are steering the ship and we are creating a place of our deepest hearts desires. Instead of what someone else has envisioned for us.

Trusting our inner voice is not always easy. Maybe it goes against some basic values and principals that someone influential ingrained in us from an early age. Or maybe trusting ourselves means going against the heard or societal norms. It is scary to know that the answers are within us because then we are embracing that we are the masters of our destiny. But if we are not willing to create our truth and live the life we are truly aspiring for, someone else is going to create it for us.

-Erin Eisele, Guest Blogger

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