The gift of being present is a present to you! Find out why ….

It’s amazing, or not so amazing when we find ourselves becoming stressed and over-worked or disappointed in life or a situation, that we usually are not in the present moment. We are thinking of an outcome in the future or something from the past we can’t let go of.

You know, the divorce that happened 25-years ago, the fear of not being able to pay your bills or not having enough for retirement. The irritation of how your sister talks to you, the way your neighbor parks his car.

This random crap keeps you from truly living your life! I am not joking when I tell you that if you are dragging your past around with you and are somewhere planning for a future moment, you aren’t really living. You are only halfway living because it is in the present moment that you create your life.

What do I mean by create? I mean that what we think about and what we focus on in the moment creates tomorrows moments. We have now and a few minutes from now, a day from now, etc.

The present time is truly a present for you! Being present in the present moment is like sinking into a cozy couch, wrapping in a soft blanket, putting on your favorite sweatshirt, (or in my case bikini).

It is your gift. In our society, in this day and age, we are starved of being present because of all of the information we currently have access to. We are stripped of the power we have to create right now.

Here are 3 tips that I have found right now can help you sink into the present moment so you can create or recreate your future the way you choose it to be.

  1. Notice when you are slipping into negativity. Ask yourself, am feeling happy or am I feeling like I am sitting on a tack? Or that something bad is about to happen? Often we are in fight-or-flight mode due to the pace of our lives, feeling somewhat uneasy and not even knowing why.
  2. Make time in the day for yourself. You need to check in with yourself throughout the day. I begin in the morning with doing a self-check. If I feel stressed and my mind is racing 5-minutes out of bed, I use a mantra to get me on track. “I am so happy and excited to give myself the gift of gratitude for this day, I feel so pleased with the joy and abundance I am right now.”
  3. Imagine that time stops. Slow everything down in your brain and visualize time stopping. Imagine everything is still and the pause button was hit. What would you give yourself in that moment to love you? To help you. I often give myself a pat on the back. “Good job Jen for living a life that is honest and makes you happy,” I suggest you give yourself a pat on the back too!

Make sure that you aren’t going through life halfway living! You deserve to receive the gift of now. Make sure you leave a comment below if this article was helpful to you. Would love your feedback.

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