About Jen

Jen Gordon, Author & Consciousness Teacher

Jen is a pioneer in human consciousness that guides men, women and children along the path to find  the love that they are, and the love their life is meant to be. She does this by providing them insights and healing  in order to receive a life that is filled with happiness.

By teaching them how to move and release energy through shifts in the heart, mind, and body, they are able to move their lives into a more spacious place of expansion to receive life’s magic.

It is by learning to receive your true authentic self that Jen helps you see your true gift to the world.

Wouldn’t it be nice to just thrive totally being you in the world? How wonderful would it be to be totally aware and present to the beautiful you that you are?




“When we realize that everything looks solid but is actually energy, there is nothing that we can’t move, shift, clear and recreate. It is possible to totally re-believe your life. Most of the energy we carry isn’t ours anyway. Once we give that back and clear it, we free our lives and open new experiences nearly instantly.

There is nothing to judge about you and your human experience, you are not guilty of anything, once you realize this, you can create new space for healing and joy.”



Jen’s background:

She holds a Bachelors of Science degree from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington and studied pastoral counseling and theological studies at Loyola University Chicago. She worked as a social worker and child advocate and then joined the ranks of corporate America as a writer. It was in the depths of a 9-5 corporate job that she woke up and realized that she was searching for something more. And she sure found it.

Jen’s spiritual gifts:

Jen has the spiritual gifts of clairvoyance and clairsentience which help her tune into extra-sensory perceptions that others might not see, feel, hear or experience to provide spiritual guidance.

Personal story:

Jen grew up in a traditional Midwest, community that emphasized being “normal” and fitting in.

As a creative, intuitive and inquisitive child with various extra-sensory abilities, Jen spent much of her life hiding her gifts, and denying the aspects of herself that the community might not accept as normal.

She took comfort in writing, spirituality and philosophy, and various esoteric studies. She never lost her curiosity to understand why she was here and what life was about for her and others. As a natural healer she used her gifts without knowing or understanding them. When asked what religion she was very early on, her answer was: Jenny-ism.

After years of trying to be “normal” and fit-in to feel accepted she could no longer keep her true self suppressed. Her wake-up call was when she ended up in such an abusive relationship and dissatisfying lifestyle, that she knew she was either going to die or have to take a stand for herself.

That shift meant honoring her gifts, using them, and healing herself and relationships. She had nothing to lose and began to invite in all the tools she needed to live a happy, healthier life.

The truth is, Jen knew what it was like to feel the brutal pain of self-denial and not have a happy life, despite outward appearances.

Who does Jen work with?

Jen works with people of all races, creeds, colors and beliefs and honors all of her clients religious backgrounds and faith perspectives. Jen is available for private coaching sessions, public engagements, interviews and seminars.

What else you need to know …

When not writing and coaching, she is parenting her three beautiful children, surfing, exploring the world, and singing and dancing her heart out.


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