Free meditation & clearing! Get out of a funky mood to reclaim you

We all know what it is like to be suddenly triggered into a bad mood. Whether it is feelings of anger, sadness, tiredness, disappointment or fear. None of it is fun and none of it is meant to stick around. We are called to be the master of our energy fields and the master of[…]

Free Meditation! When jumping off a cliff is worth it ….

The good thing is that no actual jumping is involved! Just a metaphor, friends. My point is so many of us are stuck,  entrenched in a spot of no movement because we don’t realize we are already healed. We already have the tools to live our best life, but we forgot. And we stay in[…]

Are you tired of fighting? Get freedom today.

When you decide to stop fighting in your life then there will be no need to fight and the fight will go away. Fighting will not be present in your life. Most people believe they must fight for survival, fight for love, fight for affection, fight for help, fight for money, fight for freedom, fight[…]

The naked 9 – Holiday peace & cheer

Happy Holidays, Friends! I wanted to gift you with this holiday peace meditation to help you restore your connection to your spirit and the infinite being that you are. Let’s face it, things are hectic this time of year and various energies are swirling around at a greater intensity. I want to make sure you[…]

The Naked 9 – Raise your vibration in 9 minutes of healing!

Get naked to your higher self in 9 minutes flat!  Today, I couldn’t help but share with you a personal meditation I created with a small group of close friends that inspired me to develop a series called the Naked 9. The Angel meaning of the number nine means to take action toward your dreams[…]

Free Clearing Meditation! Bring the change you seek into reality.

It makes me so elated to bring more consciousness into your world! When you expand and bring in more light and consciousness, then you create more joy and the joy you create radiates to others. The more love, light and expansion we bring into our lives, the more others expand. They can’t help but gravitate[…]

Dissolving the limitations in your world

It may seem that the areas in your life that are troubling you are permanent or “real”, like the truth or that they are fixed into place. We focus at this thing, a problem, and a situation that we want to be different and believe that by wanting it to be different it will be.[…]

Why do I desire something so greatly and can’t seem to get it?

What if I told you that the things that you desire the most are that which is the highest match to you receiving? Did that sink in? Let me repeat that, when you desire something very much it is because it is meant to be yours. We are not in a universe that messes with[…]

The Graceful Teal Swan: White Swan – A reflection of you

There is a beautiful spiritual teacher that gets quite a bit of misdirected “static” online and I want to bring her to light – her name is Teal Swan. A beautiful, triumphant young woman who has beaten all odds by overcoming the most hedonistic abuse, to then use as a catalyst (i.e. – stepping stone)[…]

Yearning and wanting vs. having

It is healthy for us to spend our lives yearning and wanting for things that were either not provided for us during childhood or we evolved into desiring through life experience. Most often it is a mixture of both. And what is critical to understand when it comes to wanting and yearning is that your[…]