Spoiler to creating the career of your dreams: You must first believe it is possible.

A growing number of people  are learning what it means to be conscious and purposefully create their lives. They have come to the realization that their inner reality creates their outer experience. This means that if you are a very unhappy person within, or you are blaming the outside world for the troubles you are[…]

The gift of being present is a present to you! Find out why ….

It’s amazing, or not so amazing when we find ourselves becoming stressed and over-worked or disappointed in life or a situation, that we usually are not in the present moment. We are thinking of an outcome in the future or something from the past we can’t let go of. You know, the divorce that happened[…]

How to live a life you are truly aspiring for! by Erin Eisele

If you are anything like me you have trouble trusting that all the answers to life’s biggest questions lie within you. Whenever I have a decision to make or my life is at a crossroads I always look outside of myself to get the guidance I am seeking. Why would I believe that someone or[…]

How does my faith fit into consciousness?

Many of you know that when I speak of consciousness I am referring to the law of the universe called free will. We are powerful creators and we literally create our own reality with our own free will. In this way, we are never victims unless we choose to be. This may seem unbelievable to[…]

Self-love and oven mitts: What we can learn from them.

It may sound like an odd parallel. But honestly, ever since I moved to my ideal place to live on this earth – the beach. I began to care about wearing oven mittts … Why? All I can chock-it-up-to is because I am loving myself more and I don’t want to run the risk of[…]

Is it possible to have faith as a conscious being? What do we have faith in when we discover we are God/Goddess?

When we discover that the universe is actually within us, it can be confusing when we begin to navigate who we are. And what we are within. I have a powerful teaching here that will help you put context around faith and what it means to have faith in something more than you can currently[…]

Healing Meditation: Two statements to stop oppression, today … Listen to the recording!

There are two statements that I have come across that can help you get happier, help you get freer, help you to transform your life in the present moment. These statements are: Thank you I love you If you could only see what happens energetically when you say these statements, you would say them over[…]

Who are you? This question can take your life to a whole new level …

You see, life is not what you think it is. It is not you, this little person in this enormous sea of people just surviving, working, playing, relating, working, etc … Trying to carve out your space and make your mark. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The reality is that you are the[…]