Steal your life back teaching & energy clearing. Alter your reality – drug free.

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This is a life changing opportunity to totally alter your reality. You don’t need drugs to do it. You just need a new perspective. I help you get a new perspective by giving you context to why you are here and what your life is about and then I clear the negative programming that is holding you in a pattern of lack and negativity.

It’s really important that you don’t wait another day stuck in your current view of life. There is a whole universe of possibility that I am giving you, because I believe that no one should be a slave. Everyone man, woman and child has the divine and infinite right to free will. To exercise our ability to create.

Begin with a new perspective and take your power back, take your life back.

Get FREE today for free!!

Who is Jen Gordon?

Jen Gordon is a light to the world as she opens her heart to share her love of expansion, consciousness and humanity.

Her mission is to teach others to see their intrinsic value and reveal to them the love and abundance that they actually are, and that our universe is.

Through her authorship and personal healing sessions. She is connecting humanity to the love they are and our inherent love and compassion for one another.

Jen attended UNCW in Wilmington, NC then later Loyola University in Chicago. She holds a Bachelors of Science Degree in Sociology and spent her early years as a Social Worker focusing on issues of social change and child advocacy. Jen uses her extra-sensory gifts and healing abilities to enhance the experience of her work on others.

When she is not working to spread consciousness, she loves surfing, writing songs, exploring the world with her three beautiful children and singing and dancing.


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