Healing Meditation: Two statements to stop oppression, today … Listen to the recording!

There are two statements that I have come across that can help you get happier, help you get freer, help you to transform your life in the present moment. These statements are: Thank you I love you If you could only see what happens energetically when you say these statements, you would say them over[…]

The Naked 9 – Raise your vibration in 9 minutes of healing!

Get naked to your higher self in 9 minutes flat!  Today, I couldn’t help but share with you a personal meditation I created with a small group of close friends that inspired me to develop a series called the Naked 9. The Angel meaning of the number nine means to take action toward your dreams[…]

Get what you want by focusing on what you want.

It is unbelievable how much personal power we have to create that we don’t even realize we are accessing unconsciously every second of everyday. Sometimes I am astounded at how little focus I have on the things I want to create rather than what I don’t want to create. Then the things that I don’t[…]