Get what you want by focusing on what you want.

It is unbelievable how much personal power we have to create that we don’t even realize we are accessing unconsciously every second of everyday. Sometimes I am astounded at how little focus I have on the things I want to create rather than what I don’t want to create. Then the things that I don’t[…]

Using your feelings to create inner freedom and joy!

With meditation all the buzz these days and various self-help, yoga and wellness programs being offered in the mainstream, it is never too late to figure out what inner-wellness means for you. What is inner-wellness you may ask? For me, it is learning to go within and make peace with who you are, what you[…]

Reclaiming your wholeness

We have all hit adversity and the accompanied hardship it brings, and it usually leaves us feeling beat-up or broken inside. If these thoughts aren’t in your immediate consciousness they are often just a scratch below the surface. On top of the pain we have experienced, we are often taught in our culture that there[…]