Source energy and the power of you.

One of the things that astounds me most about waking up to become aware that we are creating the world around us. Is that our thoughts, beliefs and feelings are what is shaping our physical world. I used to think my thoughts, beliefs and feelings were not really of interest. And that the physical world[…]

Reclaiming your wholeness

We have all hit adversity and the accompanied hardship it brings, and it usually leaves us feeling beat-up or broken inside. If these thoughts aren’t in your immediate consciousness they are often just a scratch below the surface. On top of the pain we have experienced, we are often taught in our culture that there[…]

The puzzle pieces of you: becoming a conscious creator.

Have you seen the movie The Martrx? In the movie, Neo the main character becomes conscious of the fact that he really isn’t living the life he thinks he is. He is not actually part of the physical matter that he believes makes up the world around him. He is only thinking he is, while[…]