Spoiler to creating the career of your dreams: You must first believe it is possible.

A growing number of people  are learning what it means to be conscious and purposefully create their lives. They have come to the realization that their inner reality creates their outer experience. This means that if you are a very unhappy person within, or you are blaming the outside world for the troubles you are[…]

The gift of being present is a present to you! Find out why ….

It’s amazing, or not so amazing when we find ourselves becoming stressed and over-worked or disappointed in life or a situation, that we usually are not in the present moment. We are thinking of an outcome in the future or something from the past we can’t let go of. You know, the divorce that happened[…]

Who are you? This question can take your life to a whole new level …

You see, life is not what you think it is. It is not you, this little person in this enormous sea of people just surviving, working, playing, relating, working, etc … Trying to carve out your space and make your mark. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The reality is that you are the[…]

Go with the push: Giving birth to your true life purpose

Many of us have fallen into a space in our lives where we have strayed away from our true life purpose, our bliss or calling. You may be in this place right now, where you have acknowledged that life did not serve up your desired outcomes and you are ready to do something about it.[…]