The gift of being present is a present to you! Find out why ….

It’s amazing, or not so amazing when we find ourselves becoming stressed and over-worked or disappointed in life or a situation, that we usually are not in the present moment. We are thinking of an outcome in the future or something from the past we can’t let go of. You know, the divorce that happened[…]

How to live a life you are truly aspiring for! by Erin Eisele

If you are anything like me you have trouble trusting that all the answers to life’s biggest questions lie within you. Whenever I have a decision to make or my life is at a crossroads I always look outside of myself to get the guidance I am seeking. Why would I believe that someone or[…]

Self-love and oven mitts: What we can learn from them.

It may sound like an odd parallel. But honestly, ever since I moved to my ideal place to live on this earth – the beach. I began to care about wearing oven mittts … Why? All I can chock-it-up-to is because I am loving myself more and I don’t want to run the risk of[…]

FREE Activation: You are willing to bust ass, but are you willing to receive?

Your Grandpa and your parents taught you to work hard and you will succeed. Sadly, they missed the other part of the equation. You must learn to receive that what you continually seek and bust ass for.                 If there is one thing I have noticed is that[…]

Sometimes you have to let yourself out of your own prison. Learn how to find the key!

This can be such a tough pill to swallow. How could we lock ourselves up in our own prison? Why would we do that to ourselves? It doesn’t seem possible. We often can only see outside circumstances and people holding us back. We blame a condition. This, though, is simply not accurate. No one and[…]

Source energy and the power of you.

One of the things that astounds me most about waking up to become aware that we are creating the world around us. Is that our thoughts, beliefs and feelings are what is shaping our physical world. I used to think my thoughts, beliefs and feelings were not really of interest. And that the physical world[…]

Go with the push: Giving birth to your true life purpose

Many of us have fallen into a space in our lives where we have strayed away from our true life purpose, our bliss or calling. You may be in this place right now, where you have acknowledged that life did not serve up your desired outcomes and you are ready to do something about it.[…]