How does my faith fit into consciousness?

Many of you know that when I speak of consciousness I am referring to the law of the universe called free will. We are powerful creators and we literally create our own reality with our own free will. In this way, we are never victims unless we choose to be. This may seem unbelievable to[…]

Our human experience. Why are we here anyway?

As we grow in consciousness there are continually parts of ourselves that we need to be aware of. We are here on earth to experience. We are having a human experience through a human perspective. As a human we assumed an identity that was decided upon before we were born. This identity is not set[…]

Reclaiming your wholeness

We have all hit adversity and the accompanied hardship it brings, and it usually leaves us feeling beat-up or broken inside. If these thoughts aren’t in your immediate consciousness they are often just a scratch below the surface. On top of the pain we have experienced, we are often taught in our culture that there[…]