What if I told you have been stuck in the matrix … Would you want to wake up?

It’s real guys! There is a version of the matrix that has a hold on us. It is the energy that exists on the planet that tells you, you aren’t powerful or that you aren’t creating your own reality, or that your freewill isn’t that powerful.  And then when you begin to question it. This[…]

Free meditation & clearing! Get out of a funky mood to reclaim you

We all know what it is like to be suddenly triggered into a bad mood. Whether it is feelings of anger, sadness, tiredness, disappointment or fear. None of it is fun and none of it is meant to stick around. We are called to be the master of our energy fields and the master of[…]

The Graceful Teal Swan: White Swan – A reflection of you

There is a beautiful spiritual teacher that gets quite a bit of misdirected “static” online and I want to bring her to light – her name is Teal Swan. A beautiful, triumphant young woman who has beaten all odds by overcoming the most hedonistic abuse, to then use as a catalyst (i.e. – stepping stone)[…]